Aligning Your Thoughts to Deal with Fear

Each Monday, I host a live broadcast on Facebook at 9:00 am EST in my private Facebook group called Power Up, Prayer, & Positive Mindsets for Women. This includes about 15 minutes of teaching and prayer with a focus to strengthen you to live your purpose and know how to deal with the challenges that come.

In a recent broadcast, I taught on dealing with fear by aligning our thoughts with God's thoughts and share a recent personal story from my own life - a recent spiritual battle I fought and won!


We each have about 70,000 thoughts a day, yet we actually have the power to choose our own thoughts. But have you ever wondered where our thoughts originate from? And why we would need to choose them carefully?

There are 3 possible sources: (1) our own minds, (2) God and the Holy Spirit, and (3) satan or demons. 

 So, not all your thoughts actually originate with YOU.

The only completely pure and trustworthy source is God's voice within us, but it's not the only voice!...

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Lessons from the Kitchen Floor: my focus matters.

That Kitchen Floor.

I remember when it was normal for me to follow whatever thoughts came into my mind. I lived in a static state of fear - and honestly, so much had happened in my life that was threatening mentally, emotionally, and physically that it was hard to think positively and live above it.

I did my best to maintain a positive outlook and I kept praying. But there were days where I would lie on my face on the kitchen floor in tears. 

God's help would come when I would pray and especially when I would sing. Old hymns I'd learned as a child like "The Solid Rock" or "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" and "What A Friend We Have in Jesus." 

The words would slowly drip into my mind and as they saturated my thoughts and rolled off my lips, my focus would return to God and my heart would begin to feel His peace.

It was in that kitchen that I first became aware of choosing my thoughts and the difference it would make.  

  • In my perspective, I had more hope.
  • In my...
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