How to Have a Steady Heart in an *Unsteady World

Ever have something happen that seemed to rock your world and leave you spinning?

My world's been rocked so many times, I wonder how the earth is still properly balanced. 

My response to a "world-rocking" event would begin with fear. That usually developed into anger or self-defensiveness or self-pity. One of those "self" things. It was miserable.

I bet you know that feeling.

And finally, my eyes would turn back to God. Every time I turned back to Him, I could feel my unbalanced world beginning to right itself. 

Maybe my circumstances didn't change right away, but as my perspective did, so did my mind and heart. 

Maybe I still didn't have the answer, but I was looking at the One who had it. As my faith and focus returned to its rightful place, my heart once again became steady (or steady-er). 

When things happen... like a bad diagnosis from the doctor, a betrayal by a spouse or friend, or just when the whole month or year has been challenging...

...that's when we...

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