Things That Hinder Our Closeness to God

There's nothing that means more to me than feeling a closeness to God. It's what we were born to know!

But how do we get there? How do we cultivate a deeper relationship with Him and maintain it? What things hinder that closeness with Him? 

In my Facebook Group, I recently taught on this and you can watch the replay right here.


You Reflect What You Focus On

There's a spiritual principle that says we are "near" to whatever we are focused on. We also begin to resemble (look like, reflect) what we are focused on. 

Since we are made in God's image, our lives are designed to be focused on Him, getting what we need from Him, walking in relationship with Him as He transforms us.

It's His job, as we walk with Him, to change us more and more into the image of Christ. In other words, our lives are made whole!


Things that Hinder Our Closeness to God

What things hinder our closeness to God? Begin to notice what's happening in life when you feel a disconnect...

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How to Have a Steady Heart in an *Unsteady World

Ever have something happen that seemed to rock your world and leave you spinning?

My world's been rocked so many times, I wonder how the earth is still properly balanced. 

My response to a "world-rocking" event would begin with fear. That usually developed into anger or self-defensiveness or self-pity. One of those "self" things. It was miserable.

I bet you know that feeling.

And finally, my eyes would turn back to God. Every time I turned back to Him, I could feel my unbalanced world beginning to right itself. 

Maybe my circumstances didn't change right away, but as my perspective did, so did my mind and heart. 

Maybe I still didn't have the answer, but I was looking at the One who had it. As my faith and focus returned to its rightful place, my heart once again became steady (or steady-er). 

When things happen... like a bad diagnosis from the doctor, a betrayal by a spouse or friend, or just when the whole month or year has been challenging...

...that's when we...

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