Peacemakers & Peacekeepers - which one are you?

When I heard it, I knew it was true.

I had been doing my best to "keep the peace" intact around me and keep everyone okay, but I was sacrificing my soul. My entire motivation had been based in raw fear. 

It was fear that had been growing unchecked for some time. And to describe it - I felt like it was a vine that had climbed up, wrapped around my neck, and was shutting off my voice. 

I didn't know what to do. 

And then a friend told me that she knew I was just afraid. 

And rightly so! I mean, my situation was abusive in many ways, but what power did I have?

That's the thing with ungodly fear - it takes your power every time

A counselor I would see later on asked, "Robin, when did you realize your voice had been stolen?" (Wow, huh?)

It would be years of learning to speak up and stand my ground. Of getting freed from fear and codependency, healing from abuse, and finding the real me that God had created.

I realized that the peace I...

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