Shoes & Self-Care Go Together!

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2019

With all the demands on time and the number of things we're each responsible for, do you sometimes neglect yourself? 

I know I am certainly guilty of that at times. As a full-time life coach, I'm also "do-er" / type A / professional multi-tasker, so I love helping others achieve and accomplishing goals that I've set for myself. In other words...

I love making a difference!


Am I neglecting myself in the process? 

Recently, I realized that a thought was trying to make its way to my frontal lobe. When that happens, I have learned to stop and listen to what is asking to be heard. 

Sometimes it's a great idea, a reminder, or a solution to a problem. 

When I stopped to listen...

...I realized that most of my shoes were worn out and that my feet were hurting some every night. 

Wow! I needed new shoes! 

So yesterday, I blocked off some time, drove to the outlet mall, and came home with 4 beautiful pairs of Clarks Shoes - different styles to replace the worn out ones that were causing me pain. Then to add some laughter to our evening, I gave my husband a "shoe fashion show". LOL! 

Not only did I need to get out of the office and into the sunshine, but my feet needed new shoes! 


Everything in Balance

Are you sometimes guilty of taking better care of others than you do for yourself? It's an easy trap to fall into. 

Some of us have "guilt tapes" playing inside of our heads that tell us we aren't good people if we don't do what everyone else needs firsShoes & Self-Caret. But ya know what? THAT'S NOT TRUE. 

Good Self-Care is essential to being able to handle life's other responsibilities and do your job well! Whether it's caring for your family, putting in time at work, being a friend or caregiver, you have to take care of you SO THAT you can take care of others. 

When I slipped on my new shoes this morning, I thought of you. I wondered if you also need new shoes - or maybe...

  • a haircut
  • a dental appointment
  • a salad
  • a long talk with a friend
  • a day off
  • or new shoes? (okay, just kidding here)

Whatever it is you need, let that thought come into your conscious mind and don't DISMISS IT, but choose to care for yourself

Those around you will be better off for it, and you'll be modeling mature, healthy behavior in the process.

Get my free Self-Care Checkup below and see how you can better care for yourself!


There's only one of you. 

Lots of love, 


XO from the desk by the window in the morning sun.


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