Let's Talk About Forgiveness

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2019

The Struggle Is Real.

Do you struggle with forgiving others? Most people do. When we've been hurt, it just hurts! But the key is in knowing how to set yourself free. 

Many of us don't experience the healing of forgiveness and the freedom it brings because we don't understand the power of forgiveness. Many times we either don't realize the powerful key we've been given by God, or we don't know how to use the key.

Unforgiveness keeps people chained to the past. 


There Is An Answer.

Last fall, I released my first book, The Guts & Glory of Forgiveness - Living Healed. In my book I share the process I went through to be released from things like abuse, manipulation, theft, grief, and betrayal.

I was recently interviewed by Barbara Hitching about forgiveness. We had a very honest conversation about the struggle and the process. In this interview, you will hear much of my own story of forgiveness and how I struggled - until I obtained the keys to freedom!


Watch the Interview. Get the book free. 

You can find the video interview at this link: THE GUTS & GLORY OF FORGIVENESS. It lasts about 45 minutes and gives the insight you may need. 

You can get a Free PDF Copy of my book at this link along with other free resources that are available: FREE BOOK

If you prefer the ebook or paperback versions, you'll find them on Amazon


If you need prayer...

As a Certified Life Coach and Prayer Minister, I work with people daily who are seeking the freedom and healing of the past. If you are struggling or feel stuck in the process of forgiveness, you are welcome to CONTACT me and ask for prayer and life coaching. 

Remember that forgiveness can be a process - and that self-forgiveness is important, too. 

We want you to experience the freedom of knowing how to use the keys of forgiveness that the Lord has provided. When you apply the principles I offer step-by-step in the book, you are sure to experience the guts and glory of forgiveness and come to know what it is like to live healed! 


*Barbara Hitching is a trauma survivor and a trained spiritual mentor, life coach, and speaker who ministers to others the healing power of Jesus. She can be contacted through her website: TRANSFORMATIVE


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