Your Calling Is Not Small!

Dear friend - If you are in Christ, if you know Him as your Savior and Lord, then whatever He calls you to do is significant. 

We, humans, have a tendency to compare ourselves with others - and that includes believers! 

If we are a stay-at-home parent or caregiver, we tend to think that's not as important or significant as someone who owns a business or leads a ministry. 

If we are a factory worker, we tend to think our job is not as important as the supervisor's role. 

The truth is that each of us carries far more significance than we realize!

What seems to be the simplest kind of calling on someone's life can actually be the hardest to perform because it requires the same submission to the Holy Spirit and the Lordship of Jesus as any other calling or purpose.

This past week, my husband caught a terrible sore throat virus that kept us both up in broken sleep most nights. And while I am called as a life coach, teacher, and minister, I am also...

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Shoes & Self-Care Go Together!

With all the demands on time and the number of things we're each responsible for, do you sometimes neglect yourself? 

I know I am certainly guilty of that at times. As a full-time life coach, I'm also "do-er" / type A / professional multi-tasker, so I love helping others achieve and accomplishing goals that I've set for myself. In other words...

I love making a difference!


Am I neglecting myself in the process? 

Recently, I realized that a thought was trying to make its way to my frontal lobe. When that happens, I have learned to stop and listen to what is asking to be heard. 

Sometimes it's a great idea, a reminder, or a solution to a problem. 

When I stopped to listen...

...I realized that most of my shoes were worn out and that my feet were hurting some every night. 

Wow! I needed new shoes! 

So yesterday, I blocked off some time, drove to the outlet mall, and came home with 4 beautiful pairs of Clarks Shoes - different styles to...

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7 Things That Hinder Our Closeness to God

There's nothing that means more to me than feeling a closeness to God. It's what we were born to know!

But how do we get there? How do we cultivate a deeper relationship with Him and maintain it? What things hinder that closeness with Him? 

This morning in the Alpha & Omega Prayer Group, I taught on this and you can watch the replay right here.


You Reflect What You Focus On

There's a spiritual principle that says we are "near" to whatever we are focused on. We also begin to resemble (look like, reflect) what we are focused on. 

Since we are made in God's image, our lives are designed to be focused on Him, getting what we need from Him, walking in relationship with Him as He transforms us.

It's His job, as we walk with Him, to change us more and more into the image of Christ. In other words, our lives are made whole!


Things that Hinder Our Closeness to God

What things hinder our closeness to God? Begin to notice what's happening in life when you feel...

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Aligning Your Thoughts to Deal with Fear! (Yes, you can!)

Each Monday, I host a live broadcast on Facebook at 7:00 am ET on my life coaching page. This includes about 15 minutes of teaching and prayer with a focus to strengthen you to live your purpose and know how to deal with the challenges that come.

Recently in the January 14th broadcast, I taught on dealing with fear by aligning our thoughts with God's thoughts and share a recent personal story from my own life - a recent spiritual battle I fought and won!

We each have about 70,000 thoughts a day, yet we actually have the power to choose our own thoughts. But have you ever wondered where our thoughts originate from? And why we would need to choose them carefully?

There are 3 possible sources: (1) our own minds, (2) God and the Holy Spirit, and (3) satan or demons. 


The only completely pure and trustworthy source is God's voice within us, but it's not the only voice! Even our own thoughts can be faulty and cause trouble. And the thoughts or firey arrows of the enemy,...

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Declarations for the New Year - Launch into 2019 Empowered

As we are positioned in time on this beautiful December 31st, 2018, we want to give God thanks for what's gone before... all we have accomplished this year, all the ways we have seen His power in our lives, the ways we've felt Him close during difficulties, and the blessings we have enjoyed. 

We also want to reach out and take hold of this new year in the authority of Jesus and embrace what is to come... all the dreams, goals, blessings, miracles, and all we can imagine, and actually call it forth with the use of declarations and decrees! 

Making declarations and decrees that align with God's Word are powerful and will bring blessing into your future. We learn about the power of our words in Proverbs and in the book of James so we want to use our words to align with God's Word and right out loud agree with Him for our futures!

I encourage you to build on the strength you have gained and on what you have accomplished this year - and include your inner life and outer life....

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Dancing on Daddy's Feet - and how to dance with God

When I realized that God was calling me to waltz with Him, it sort of stopped me in my tracks. It challenged my ideas about God and I found myself thinking about dancing.


Dancing with Daddy

My first dancing was with my Daddy as a very little girl. He would hold my hands, tell me to place my little feet on his feet, and then he would easily move his feet around. I would naturally go where he went.

I felt like a dancing princess, all smiles, moving but with my little feet placed firmly on his, my little toes gripping so as not to fall off. I had no idea the direction he would take next, but I knew I was safe as he was holding onto me. I felt close to him and full of joy! As I would look up into his smiling face, he would be looking at me. I felt his love for me when we danced like that and it felt like I was the only person in his world.

Fast forward almost 50 years.

My husband, Jeff, and I love South Carolina beach music and there's a dance we enjoy called the "Shag" that was...

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Why We Should Run from Popular Thinking

I recently submitted a softer version of this piece for publication in a local newspaper. You are about to get the meat! (No skimping here, my friend. Buckle up, buttercup!)


knowledge, thoughts, journey, truth

Popular thinking is defined as thoughts and/or beliefs regarded by the general population to be true and acceptable. Popular thinking is the lazy way to carry an opinion, but it gets worse than that.

When we submit ourselves to an ideology, a belief, or a culturally accepted standard, we can place ourselves in a spiritual submission to it, almost like we’re bowing down to it. 

We will become like what we bow down to – in thought, words, and behavior. We will reflect what we focus on and worship.

Things in your life are either expanding or shrinking depending on the focus you give them. Genuine growth, creativity, and achievement depend on new ideas, but what happens when we can’t escape the “good enough” ideas or won’t let go of the old ones?

What happens when we...

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PROGRESS - NOT PERFECTION (Give yourself some grace, okay?)

The Father has never expected perfection from you. He knows life is messy and that the culture would be constantly telling you that you'll never be enough, but...

He wants to encourage, lead, and woo you because He desires progress for you in becoming the amazing person He created.

What is the dream in your heart that won't keep quiet? You were created to do that - imperfectly! There is no limit with God in who he chooses, calls, and equips for certain tasks. Your future is guaranteed by His Spirit, not dependent on what characterizes your physical life.

You were created by God to submit to His leadership of love and to walk in a trusting relationship with Him. He wants you to enjoy your spiritual inheritance as a child of the King, and walk in the destiny He has planned for you.

He knows life isn't easy, so He is always with you to strengthen and encourage your heart.

When the Father sent an angel to tell Mary that she would conceive and give birth to the Messiah, the...

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Do you have a Support System?

We All Need Support

I remember when I was a child, my grandparents needed to wear support hose due to a decrease in circulation in their legs. I wondered if it was embarrassing to my grandfather, but my grandmother said he didn't care as long as he felt better.

My mom explained that it prevented their legs from hurting and kept the blood flowing back to the heart. She said support feels good!

Later on, I learned about support groups where people gather around a focus, experience, or difficulty to support each other with encouragement, accountability, and presence. 

It seems to me that support in any language is a good thing. It can prevent pain and keep the heart encouraged and refreshed. 

Guard Your Heart

The Bible says in Proverbs to "Guard your heart for your life flows from it." That verse is speaking of more than physical blood. Sometimes to guard your heart emotionally can be hard! It's that's easier said than done! 

Guarding your heart doesn't mean we...

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Have You Ever Felt Powerless or Insignificant? (Want to change that?)

I can still remember the times I felt like a wimp. Embarrassed. From scenes of my childhood with a selfish playmate to decades later as husbands, employers, pastors, or others would suddenly use intimidation or manipulation with me. (Yes, I said pastors. They fail sometimes, too.)

I hated those moments! Powerlessness can make you feel like someone is emotionally or mentally sitting on your chest pinning your arms to the ground, their sweat dripping in your face until you "cooperate" or give into what they're asking you for. 

And that is a self-esteem destroyer!

Can I be honest?

I have to say that I bowed to the 'god of fear' for years until I learned what I want to share with you today. 

 I was in my mid-40's when I finally began learning how to really apply the Bible to my life. I discovered that there were many truths in scripture that I had either never been taught, or had been taught a wrong interpretation of. The results left me feeling...

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