Fear is the #1 block to experiencing the life God has for you.

It comes in all forms and can have different faces, but at the core, it's still fear - the enemy's favorite weapon. Fear can feel like an elephant sitting on your chest. It can paralyze you or cause you to panic. And it will bleed into every area of your life if it's not stopped.

You deserve more from your life. You deserve all that God has for you.

But it can be a real struggle to break free from the grip of fear, anxiety, and stress. 

But that can change right now.


Are you ready to stop fear from driving your life, your thoughts, and your decisions?

Your first step is to grab the eBook below to stop fear in its tracks.

The #1 Most Powerful Way to Stop Fear & Anxiety.

This is for you if...

  • You wake up with anxiety before your feet hit the floor.
  • You feel stressed out a lot of the time about almost anything and it shows.
  • Fear has you feeling like a hot mess.

Grab this and get the #1 most powerful (and simple) way to stop letting fear control your life right now.

Kick Fear in the Face

Grab this free eBook and start now!

When I met Robin I was a broken mess. I was struggling with anxiety and depression but knew I could be better. I can say without a doubt, coaching with Robin was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I've learned how to pray effectively, how to see myself through God’s eyes, lead my own life, and make wise decisions. Now I don’t walk in fear or lower my standards for others. I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been and I'm not afraid to speak up!

-Graysen Brewer, South Carolina


Do you sometimes feel

              stuck, lost, or discouraged

when it comes to living out your faith & seeing God's power work in your life?

You've tried your best at growing your faith but the fears, worries, and those out-of-control emotions are running your life.

Or maybe you are stuck to the pain of the past and don't know how to be free. Maybe you have some strongholds that need to be torn down.

And... maybe like me, you've wondered what Jesus meant by "abundant life." You want strong faith in Christ that is victorious, but getting there on your own is hard and you wonder if it's even true.

I've coached hundreds of women and...

                ...Honestly, I've found that most women truly want to be set free from strongholds like worry, fear, and stress but they don't know how. 


I've got good news:


Vickie was exactly where you are right now.

She was struggling emotionally with fear and physically with sickness. She needed to know she was worthy of love and could truly trust God. She worried about being the best mom for her children.

With the right tools, she's experienced God's restoration and is living abundantly, confident in her ability to lead her family. Today she has peace and clarity. Her strongholds have been broken down and are now the pavement under her feet.

I helped Vickie and I can help you!


I get where you are...

   because I've been there, too.

Life is harder than ever! And if you're a parent, you also deal with fears for your family.

About 20 years ago, I was struggling to change what was happening in my life but didn't know where to turn for solutions to the hard situations I was facing.

I wasn't a new Christian, but what I'd been taught just wasn't working. I was unsure how to pray and my fears grew larger every day. Surely, there was supposed to be more to being a Christian! 

Fast forward 20 years and I've got great news! 

You were never meant to figure things out on your own. God is working miracles through the keys He has given me and they'll work in your life!

I've designed both my Private Coaching and my top-rated Christ Empowered Woman Group Program with all you need to succeed in every area of life.

Click the link above to find out more, or book a chat below.

You're no longer in this alone. I am...

In your corner,


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