Robin Lewis - Certified Life Coach

What if you could overcome your fears, discover inner strength, and live a more confident and peaceful life?

If you're tired of waking up afraid every morning or hearing voices of fear, anxiety, and stress stop you from living the life you want, then let's chat.

As a Certified Christian Life Coach, I work with you to help you conquer what's holding you back and create a more confident and peaceful life.

With my proven system, we will discover the roots of your stress so you can begin living a more confident and peaceful life, spirit, soul, and body.

About Me

Certified Christian Life Coach, Author, Bible Teacher, & Speaker

I work exclusively with women to help you through and beyond life's challenges, get set free from what's holding you back, and help you reach your full potential in Christ.  

My proven step-by-step coaching system is designed to help you overcome the pain of the past, defeat your fears, and gain victory over limiting mindsets. My passion is to see you free to be the amazing woman God created you to be!

With over 20 years in Christian ministry and personal coaching, I am called to help women discover the abundant life Jesus promised. Truly anything is possible! "For nothing is impossible with God." - Luke 1:37

Visit my ABOUT page for my personal story of overcoming abuse, low self-esteem, and victory over fear.

As your coach, I can help you...

Learn my simple but effective strategies for life transformation. Check out the different options for working with me!

Let's Find Out What You Need Right Now

Unfortunately, our past shapes our lives, and too often, we carry that baggage with us as we get older.

You’re where you are right now because of the choices and habits you’ve created in response to things that happened to you in the past.

But they don’t have to be permanent.

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Join The Next FREE 3-Day Bootcamp

The next Boundaries Bootcamp will be held Jan. 14th-16th, 2021

Learn how to create and communicate boundaries that stop disrespectful and manipulative behavior! You'll get...

*Better Relationships
*Higher Self-Worth
*Respect & Honor
*Assertive Communication
*Increased Confidence

PLUS first opportunity for the new Boundaries Masterclass!


Choose A Coaching Program

Every Christian deserves to live an empowered life but most never discover the keys that unlock needed healing, restoration, and peace. 

Breakthrough your roadblocks and consistently live...

*Free of Fear & Anxiety
*Filled with Confidence & Emotional Clarity
*Abounding in Your Truth Worth & Value

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Life-Changing Online Courses

We will soon offer several online courses you can study on your own time that also offer a private one-on-one session with Robin to "stand firm" in your growth!

FOR A LIMITED TIME, courses in this series are only $97. 

*Faith Over Fear 7-day course

*Power Up Your Positive Mindset


...more courses coming soon! 


Get Powered Up Every Monday!

Join my private group. It’s a safe community for women to stop feeling powerless and become unstoppable. 

Get strategies to overcome insecurity, anxiety, trauma, and build a better you. 

Watch teaching to gain spiritual strength and freedom.

Join us for weekly live training, discussions, and an active community.

We meet together LIVE every Monday morning to get "powered up" for the week ahead. There's a place here for you!

"I was struggling with depression but knew I could be better. I can say without a doubt, coaching with Robin was the best decision I’ve ever made. I've learned how to pray effectively, how to see myself through God’s eyes, lead my own life, and make wise decisions. Now I don’t lower my standards for others and I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been!"

Graysen Brewer
college student, Murrell’s Inlet, SC

"God has truly guided me through Robin’s words. She helped me learn to set healthy boundaries in my marriage and other relationships, to see things more clearly, communicate with honor, and to increase my own self-worth. I have gained emotional and spiritual maturity while coming to understand my own significance in God’s Kingdom."

Shawn Johnson
John Maxwell Certified Life Coach and Medical Rep, Fort Worth, TX

"Robin has helped me so much to know how to pray with authority and to bless my relationships with my husband and family. Robin knew how to lead me in prayer so that I could be healed by Jesus from sexual abuse. I can now hear God speak to me. Robin helped me refine my spiritual gifts and develop my leadership skills. Her prayers over my life have been powerful! To God be the glory!"

Alexan Green
Founder, Women Against All Odds, Lake City, SC

"Meeting with Robin is an opportunity to experience the heart of the Father, encountering His goodness and grace more deeply, as chains fall away. Led by the Spirit, Robin gently unwraps the issues of the heart that hold us back, replacing lies with truth, while prayerfully bringing healing. Change, growth, and fulfillment of purpose are further encouraged through the practical resources she provides. My life is changed, and I am grateful."

Ronda Nelson
Strategy Session Client, Counselor, Idaho Youth Challenge Academy, Pierce, ID

FREE EBOOK builds Confidence & Courage:

The world is changing. Confidence, Faith, and Inner Strength mean 10x as much as they did a year ago.

When we're worrying or feeling powerless, taking action helps reduce our fear and worry. But how do we know what action to take?

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  • Be set FREE from fearful thoughts
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  • Develop inner strength in key life areas, and more!

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This ebook is created to help you RISE above the current circumstances!
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It's Time To Stop Settling & Start Living


In John 10:10, Jesus said, "I have to come to give life abundant until it overflows" and our coaching programs are designed to help you discover it!

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